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Hello, I'm Linda Carney. 

I’m a health and wellness coach. I help women in mid-life who feel stuck in their life circumstances transform their physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles to identify their personal key to unlock the door to their path forward.  Do you know anyone ready for a breakthrough, to set and achieve goals, tap into their inner strength, and empower themselves to move forward, with self-confidence, toward their dreams and their destiny?

I'm on a mission to spend the rest of my life telling my story, with the hopes of inspiring others who may be in the midst of struggles themselves.  Click the button to learn more about my story and what motivates me to help others pursue their "Path Forward."

There is not one path.  There is not even the right path. There is YOUR path.

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The Circle of Life

We help you to examine all areas of your life and all things which have played a role in where you are on your health journey.  It is through embracing all aspects in the circle of life that we can support you in navigating obstacles in a way which bring restoration, joy, and inspiration.

Moving Forward

Do you remember the days when you were a child and were just learning to walk?  Perhaps you remember when your children were taking their first steps.  Neither you, nor they, mastered walking alone.  It is with encouragement from others to take a step forward in the right direction that one masters moving forward.  At Your Path Forward, we are here to help you master your health. 

Gaining Freedom

At Your Path Forward, we will partner with you to help you gain health freedom.  A life where you determine how you will spend your days, not your health.  We help you get back in the drivers seat so that you can regain vitality.

This is Our Road Map to Wellness

  • Clarify where you are on your journey
  • Identify areas of healing opportunities
  • Establish a plan to move forward
  • Move forward with a guide and mentor to achieve your wellness goals

If you are ready to get clarity on the pieces to your health puzzle, you are welcome to schedule a free consult with me by clicking the link below.  

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There is not one path.  There is not even the right path. There is YOUR path.