Thanksgiving Reflections

Hello beautiful ones,

I’d like to share my reflections on this Thanksgiving.

The Law of Attraction seems to be a popular buzz phrase currently, as well as the concept of manifesting your hopes and dreams.  I even teach and encourage this concept in my coaching practice.  I encourage my clients to visualize their dream life; to see it and describe it.  I encourage them to rewrite their story with a new perfect ending.  

But we all know that our reality isn’t always “happily ever after”.

What is this concept of “The Law of Attraction”?  

In a nutshell, it means that what you focus on in your mind, heart and soul….you will attract into your life.  It will manifest itself into your reality.  In other words, if you are focusing and maximizing on the positive aspects in your life, you will attract and manifest more of it.  If you are focusing on your negatives, more of the negative will find you.  I used to think that this concept was a bunch of baloney.  Until the day I realized I was surrounded with so much negativity that I just couldn’t deal with it.  It was pulling me down into a negative spiral and I was beginning to feel unable to find my way out of it.

I was introduced to the concept of The Law of Attraction many years ago by a very kind doctor.  She gently suggested I read the book “The Secret”.  That day I went out and bought that book.  I went home and read the first few pages, and for the next several years, it sat on a bookshelf collecting dust. 

Fast forward to that day I came to the realization that my life was full of negativity, and I wondered if I really had some control over it.  I remembered the suggestion by that kind doctor to read that book.  You know what?  I still didn’t read the book!  However….I began to consider The Law of Attraction as a possible way to dig my way out of that negativity. 

I began to think of myself as a “healthy” person.

I began to look in the mirror and tell myself:  I can get healthy… I will get healthy…  I am healthy!

I began to get out of bed in the morning  get showered and dressed, as if I had somewhere to go, something to do, and people to see;  even though I didn’t.

Do you see where this story is going?   I began shifting my thoughts away from my negatives, and toward the beautiful possibilities.  I had no idea how those things could happen.  But as I shifted my thoughts, slowly but consistently, I began to see changes!   I began to feel a little more energy.   I began to experience and enjoy my life again.  I was discovering that there was something to this thing called The Law of Attraction. 

Since then, I have learned to practice this concept daily.   I feel so blessed and fortunate to have been connected to better health, the opportunity to return to work, and meet so many lovely people who have become dear friends.    I now realize that all it took to get the ball rolling, was to just tweak my mindset a tiny little bit.  I believe in baby steps and that was my first one.

You might be wondering what all this has to do with Thanksgiving? I was hoping you would ask.

I would like to take this concept back just one step.   Are you feeling this Thanksgiving, like you are having difficulty finding something to be thankful for, or something you feel positive about?  Or do you know someone who feels this way?  There is no shame in that.  We all have pain stories.  We don’t escape this life without them.

If this is you, or a loved one of yours, I want to encourage you (and them), to take one step back.  Try to put this Law of Attraction to work for yourself.   Is there a way to attract an attitude of gratefulness and positivity into your heart, if you just aren’t feeling it?   I suggest that there is. 

My call to action for you is this:

Take five minutes right now, tonight, and close your eyes.   Visualize and focus your mind’s eye on something you love.  It may be that cozy blanket you are under, or it may be the beloved pet lying next to you, who always demonstrates his/her loyalty to you.  It may even be the child or grandchild that you are separated from this holiday by miles.  But you love them with all your heart.   Whatever it is, or whoever it is, take a moment to feel that feeling of love.   Now capture it, visualize yourself putting that love into a bubble and blowing it out into your circle of family, friends, community, neighborhood, or the world in general.  You know, someone needs it.  

You have just practiced The Law of Attraction.   You have taken a positive feeling, a feeling of love from your own center of being, and have extended it beyond yourself.   Think on that for a moment.  This means there is goodness, beauty and love within you.   Now the added benefit is that you have just sent out a love magnet, which is going to return to you, like a boomerang.   So wait for it, look for it.  It works.  I promise you!

This, my beautiful ones, is something to be grateful for.

So practice this.  Make this your first baby step tonight.   It can, and it will change your world; and this is how we change the world around us for the good. 

Blessings, love and light to you all this Thanksgiving!   You are each truly a blessing in my life, and I am so thankful for you!

In health,

Linda Carney
Your Path Forward