The Beauty of Simple Pleasures

How often do you take time to appreciate moments of simple pleasure? Do you recognize simple pleasures when they come to you? Have you asked yourself lately what constitutes a simple pleasure? Simple pleasures can mean different things to different people. It may depend on the season of life you are currently in. If you are

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Laughter Shared is Healing Multiplied

An Apache myth tells of how the creator endowed human beings, the two-leggeds, with the ability to do everything – talk, run, see, and hear. But he was not satisfied until the two-leggeds could do just one thing more – laugh. And so men and women laughed and laughed and laughed! Then the creator said,

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Thanksgiving Reflections

Hello beautiful ones, I’d like to share my reflections on this Thanksgiving. The Law of Attraction seems to be a popular buzz phrase currently, as well as the concept of manifesting your hopes and dreams.  I even teach and encourage this concept in my coaching practice.  I encourage my clients to visualize their dream life; to see

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Take Yourself on a Date

Do you remember your first date?  Remember how excited you were?   When that day came, you had butterflies in your stomach, and you excitedly thought about what you would wear.  Perhaps you even went shopping to pick out the perfect outfit.  Then you had to decide which shoes, jewelry, and accessories would match your clothes,

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Exercise Vs. Movement

What’s the first word or picture that comes to your mind when you hear the word “exercise”?  Does it have a positive connotation, or a negative connotation for you?  Does that very word motivate you or does it make you want to sit back down with a bag of chips and get serious about it

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Did you know that 66% of the U.S. population is on a “diet”?  Did you know that there are well over 100 dietary theories out there to choose from?  Have you tried one or more of them?  How does a person know which one is best?  They all claim to be!!  Do you go gluten

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