HeartMath Emotional Resilience Training!

A groundbreaking stress management method which enables you to use simple techniques and technology to train your body to increase its ability to adapt, self regulate, and become resilient in the face of stress!

Your emotions influence your physiology. When you're stressed, your body is out of sync. Negative and depleting emotions such as anger, frustration, anxiety and worry may lead to increased disorder in the body without healthy coping mechanisms.

The HeartMath System introduces you to a powerful tool to manage your stress and be in control of how your body reacts to it. Through a series of Heart Focused Breathing techniques, along with groundbreaking technology which can measure your body's response, I will help you learn to train your body to interrupt the stress response and quickly bring your system into coherence.

The HeartMath Training generally involves four (4) sessions. Session One being 90 minutes and the following three approximately 45 minutes. Sessions are generally at two week intervals to give you time between sessions to practice your techniques.

Training can be adapted for any age level, including children! The technology is very user friendly and includes interactive games and activities to make the technique practice engaging and fun for kids as well.

This is a science backed method, with proven results to help (in partnership with your health care practitioner) those who suffer from stress related physiological issues!

Let's get started! Take control over your stress, rather than your stress controlling you!

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