Coaching Success Story

From Paula (upon completion of her coaching program)

My success with redirecting my life and wellbeing is the direct result of my coach Linda Carney.  She has brought great insight and encouragement into my weakened state of mind and body.  Last July, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, weakened immune system and kidney stones…a mess to say the least.  With the new insights and nutrition changes Linda has provided, I believe I can reach my weight goals, keep my diabetes in check and start living and exercising for a greater life.  Thanks for all your positive feedback and help along this journey to success!”

When asked about her biggest tangible change as a result of her coaching experience with Linda, Paula replied:

“My attitude towards myself.  Linda has given me the tools to succeed.  Now it’s my turn to make it happen!"

Signature Talk Engagement

Testimonials from attendees from one of Linda’s recent signature talks:

“Linda was engaging, at a tranquil and relaxed pace”
“Your story was so inspiring.  I struggle with adrenal fatigue and relate to your story!  I enjoyed hearing of your adversity and how you overcame it and makes me have hope that I can overcome as well!”
“You provided a very simplistic approach which makes it seem like you can accomplish this too.”
“Enjoyed it!  Inspired me to change!  You planted the seed.  Thank you.”
“I will plant my seed of hope, accomplish my goals and dreams and call you!”
“I absolutely love you!  Thank you!”

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